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Karibu sana katika tovuti ya Cyrus Welcome to Cyrus website

Hello, this is Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo, I welcome you to my personal Website. This website is a guide to my personal history interms of business, company profile, projects, handicraft, education, Tanzania National Parks and much more as its scope is epitomized on its menu bar.

The data, upon which this website is based, have been compiled from several sources. They are drawn primarily from my personalís knowledge, and from a study of the literature available on the subject.

Remember donít be a wishful thinker. Don't waste  your mental muscles dreaming of an effortless way to win success. we don't become successful simply through luck. success comes from doing the right things and mastering the correct principles that produce success.

Don't  count on luck for promotions, victories, the good things in life. Luck simply isn't designed to deliver good things. Instead, just concentrate on developing best qualities in yourself that will make you a winner.

It is my hope that this website will also prove useful to tourist who wish to travel to East Africa especially Tanzania and students who would like to know more about  Entrepreneurship,Tourism, Gospel/Ministry, MLM-Multi-Level Marketing

Again i welcome you and thank you for taking time visiting my personal website. I would like you to sign my "guest book" and incase of any question, comment, suggestion or any idea then contact me under link titled Contact

Please do all you can! with what you have! in the time you have! and in the place you are!

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